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Dr. Naveen Kumar K (SMAW 2022)

Dr. Naveen Kumar K (SMAW 2022)

I attended SMAW-2022 UPPER LIMB WEB SYMPOSIA on ‘AC Joint Update’. It was an awesome and lively platform where I could get clear information from the pioneers in the field of Indian arthroscopy.

The symposium covered acromio-clavicular joint extensively ranging from its anatomy, affections of the joint, symptomatology, diagnostic modalities and the most recent advances in surgical techniques while treating the affections of the AC-joint.

The symposium had clear guidelines on approach to ACJ pathologies and it was a very well-planned and organized webinar.
I feel this symposium is the ‘need of the hour’, especially for postgraduate residents and young upcoming arthroscopy surgeons to understand ACJ.

The symposium was very lively, where the legends of Indian Arthroscopy shared vast clinical and surgical experiences that they have gained in their entire career.

At last, all I wish to say is ‘IT IS A MUST’……

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