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SMAW History

Journey of SMAW started in 2005 at Delhi as the first of it’s kind meeting focussing on topics related to sports injuries. This was the time in Delhi and India when Sports Medicine was in its nascent stage with far and few centers of Sports Medicine. The foundation stone for SMAW was laid even earlier when Dr. Prateek Kumar Gupta, the founder of SMAW established the first of its kind *Sports Medicine Unit* at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital as early as 2002. The unit was dedicated to look after all aspects of sports person whether be injuries, pre-season assessment, post season injuries management, substance use, sports gear, fitness, conditioning of body for different sports or training issues in sports. As the sports medicine unit spread its wings it realised the need to increase the awareness amongst the colleagues about sports medicine. The best way to attract attention to the new and upcoming branch was to hold a meeting solely for sports issue. Thus as a brainchild of Dr. Prateek Kumar Gupta, sports injury expert, came the first addition of SMAW 2005. The focus was sports injuries and how minimal interventions like arthroscopy can make all the difference in quicker recovery and early return to sports.

The meeting was aimed to get all senior and junior colleagues to discuss thread bear the intricacies of management of injury in sports person and how it differs from general population. A section of the meeting called workshop – focused on hands on practice of tips and tricks of performing arthroscopic repair and healing of these injuries. The expert colleagues from national and international forum were involved as speakers and also live surgeries were performed to demonstrate the young budding orthopaedic and sports medicine colleagues the step by step approach to scientifically treat these injuries.

The SMAW-2005 first of its kind had a tremendous response being attended in big numbers by orthopaedic colleagues showcasing the appetite for the subject.

Since 2005 SMAW is being organised every year till date. The Moto remains the same – “Spreading the sports medicine and arthroscopy skills to nook and corner of India”. The organising committee has been successfully accomplishing this aim by holding SMAW every year and imparting knowledge and skill to all interested and budding orthopaedic surgeons who then returned back with the skills to their native area and start practising the subject. The result is overall tremendous growth of sports medicine all over India so much so that now each and every big city/hospital has a sports medicine unit.

The organising committee is pleased to observe that each successive meeting has attracted more colleagues to this branch. Each meeting has seen new development with lots of international and national faculty sharing their experience, doing live surgery for first hand visual inputs of the procedure and followed by a near live hands on workshop.

The organisers are thankful to all our orthopaedic colleagues for their continued support and interest in SMAW which serves as a stimulus for us to do even better in future.