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We at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital invite you all to on-site 20th Sports medicine and arthroscopy workshop on Sunday, 7th April, 2024. The meeting will be addressing common cause of painful Shoulder focusing on “Rotator cuff tear”, giving full update on the problem.

Rotator cuff pathology has become a common occurrence in our day-to-day clinic and our approach to them has seen a sea of change with the latest advancements and better choices of fixation resulting in effective repair and good results for our patients. The approach to mobilize early has added greatly to the recovery process. All these changes are thanks to newer robust repair techniques, soft tissue biology augmentation of cuff. Synthetic argument devices have come to rescue in some difficult situations of poor cuff tissue and now many times with good soft tissue release a irreparable cuff tears can be converted to repairable one. The patients with a true irreparable cuff tear can be rescued with the latest muscle transfer procedures and other procedures like balloon arthroplasty, superior capsular reconstruction and reverse shoulder arthroplasty.

All these aspects and nuances of management rotator cuff injury will be discussed threadbare by a host of well-known local, national and international faculty taking delegates through step-by-step in approaching a shoulder with rotator cuff issue.

We invite you all to this extremely interactive scientific meeting with a comprehensive scientific program that should update us all with stop-press information on rotator cuff issues in the shoulder. I assure you that the day will be usefully spent and will bring gain of knowledge for one and all.


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Double-row Rotator Cuff Repair


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Management of Irrepairable Cuff Tear


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Dr. MC Saini (SMAW 2005)

Thanks Dr Parteek for introducing the concept of Sports medicine. The information about prevention of injury and Performance enhancement programme (PEP), playing gear with it’s importance and selection criteria were really beneficial. looking forward to more Sports Medicine & Arthroscooy Workshops.

Dr. Anil Tayal (SMAW 2006)

Basic Arthroscopy principles meeting of SMAW-2006 makes it easy to understand the concept and will go a long way for us to establish this modality in our own setups. Thanks

Dr. Rakesh dixit (SMAW 2007)

Shoulder made easy for us. Excellent meeting on shoulder issues, explained simply the mechanics of shoulder and how rationally to approach shoulder pain and not put every shoulder pain for rehab only. Will be very helpful for our practice

Dr. T P Singh (SMAW 2008)

Instability of Knee and ACL injury are common in our practice. How to pick them up early without Mri in our clinics and which one to operate and which ones to rehab is important concept addressed during this meeting. Enjoyed being there.

Dr. Amit Gupta (SMAW 2009)

Shoulder instability has long been treated by open surgery but time has come for arthroscopic stabilisation techniques to provide a comfortable and complete recovery from this problem. The tips and tricks shown in the live demo work in particularly were very helpful and we hope to use the technique for recurrent shoulder dislocation Stabilization in our practice. Thanks Dr Parteek Gupta

Dr. Suresh Gupta (SMAW 2010)

Common wealth Games being hosted this year by us in India, it is the most appropriate time to discuss the injuries of athlete specially the ligament injuries. The information on therapeutic utility exemption (TUE) form, on field assessment and management of sports injury was very helpful. Thanks

Dr. Nikunj Gupta (SMAW 2011)

Wrist and elbow injuries are common in the racket sports but such a comprehensive coverage of the subject and live demonstration of elbow arthroscopic surgery is a novelty. Knot tying technique workshop I attended was very useful . The meeting has help us to improve understanding about wrist and Elbow issues and will add to our practice.

Dr. Ravinder Singh Bisht (SMAW 2012)

The highlight of the meeting was Meniscus injury, one of the most commonly seen pathology and often treated by removal of the torn bit. For the first time we have discussed how it can be successfully treated by repair and how it helps to restore the function of the knee. Our athletic population would benefit greatly by preserving the Meniscus. The hands on workshop on Meniscus repair was very interesting . Thanks a lot.

Dr. Ramit Dhalla (SMAW 2013)

Comprehensive shoulder course both the scientific meeting and the cadaveric hands on workshop went very well hand in hand explaining the pathology of shoulder at one hand and on the other how to repair it in near life situation. Greatly help me in my understanding of shoulder issues.

Dr. Alok Gupta (SMAW 2014)

Patellar instability made simple is how I feel after attending the meeting. The à la cart approach to the offending structures make it fairly scientific in tackling this complex problem of patellar instability. The tips and tricks of the MPFL reconstruction demonstrated during the hands on workshop were very useful thanks a lot in putting up so much of effort and putting together such meetings and workshop.

Dr. Damandeep (SMAW 2015)

Brilliant combination of SMAW with shoulder and Elbow Society of India for this Shoulder & Elbow con 2015, it was a great idea. I thoroughly liked the SMAW shoulder instability session covering from the basic to the resent advancement in instability. Thanks a lot.

Dr. Rajesh Bhalla (SMAW 2016)

Paediatric Sports Injuries session was excellent, great talks on paediatric ACL surgery specially repair of ACL in children. The revision ACL surgery workshop was very hands on and informative as we are starting to see more and more revision cases in our clinics. All in all my day was well spent.

Dr. Rahul (SMAW 2017)

A comprehensive coverage of common shoulder pathologies, this time from assessment of shoulder to Arthroscopy followed by trauma and then finally Arthroplasty. Taking us through all possible treatment modalities and next plan in treatment of difficult shoulder issues. I have been following your SMAW sir for last four years and every time I am able to pick up something different and good, thanks.

Dr. BV Srivastava (SMAW 2018)

Orthobiologics and joint preservation science are the future of Orthopaedics. SMAW2018 has propagated the much-needed understanding of the subject. A conservative approach for the knee wether by Meniscus repair, Articular cartilage restoration or osteotomy around the knee, all were very well covered. Congratulations to team SMAW.

Dr. Rohit Elani (SMAW 2019)

A great shoulder and elbow conclave with a combination of SMAW and British shoulder and elbow society. A 360° view of shoulder and elbow with views from Indian and british shoulder exports is a rare experience sitting in our hometown. Very innovative and good meeting.

Dr. Santhosh (SMAW 2020)

Very nicely put together talks and scientific content for this SMAW specially on foot and hip joints. These joints we are able to address only partially with our present working knowledge. Today’s meeting has added new thoughts and procedures to my present armamentarium.

Dr. Priyanjal Jhakar (SMAW 2021)

In present difficult times a very neglected area has been focused by SMAW. The Acromioclavicular joint is mostly neglected and treated many a times with rehab alone. Today’s meeting made us all aware that ACJ is independent joint and needs a separate attention and this has a lot to do with the proper functioning of the upper limb, thanks for bringing it up.

Dr. Naveen Kumar K (SMAW 2022)

I attended SMAW-2022 UPPER LIMB WEB SYMPOSIA on ‘AC Joint Update’. It was an awesome and lively platform where I could get clear information from the pioneers in the field of Indian arthroscopy. The symposium covered acromio-clavicular joint extensively ranging from its anatomy, affections of the joint, symptomatology, diagnostic modalities and the most recent advances in surgical techniques while treating the affections of the AC-joint. The symposium had clear guidelines on approach to ACJ pathologies and it was a very well-planned and organized webinar. I feel this symposium is the ‘need of the hour’, especially for postgraduate residents and young upcoming arthroscopy surgeons to understand ACJ. The symposium was very lively, where the legends of Indian Arthroscopy shared vast clinical and surgical experiences that they have gained in their entire career. At last, all I wish to say is ‘IT IS A MUST’……

Dr Ankur Goyal (SMAW 2023)

Basic knee arthroscopy workshop 2023 made it easy for young arthroscopic surgeon who are in their initial phase of learning and growing to learn the tips and tricks of knee arthroscopy from the legends of Indian arthroscopy and different technique to perform one procedure ….. the main highlight was the live station where we got hands on experience of preparing the graft as we do on our ot table and the knowledge about the instrumentation used in knee arthroscopy…THIS KIND OF WORKSHOP IS A MUST FOR EVERY SURGEON TO BRUSH UP THEIR KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS

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